"True healing is not the fixing of the broken but the rediscovery of the Unbroken"     Jeff Foster


A dynamic and poetic form of transformational bodywork, which blends musculoskeletal and energetic techniques from many different Eastern and Western modalities including: Deep Tissue, Myofascial Chi-Release, Fluid Touch, Joint Mobilization, Visceral Work, Osho’s Rebalancing, Thai Yoga Stretches, Digital Pressure Massage, Meditation and Polarity Energy Work.

This slow, deep yet gentle massage focuses on releasing tension in the Myo-fascia (connective tissue) to unwind physical imbalances and open subtle energetic channels, restoring the BodyMind to a state of harmony and deep relaxation. The non-doing of this practice generates an effortless flow of giving and receiving between practitioner and client, leading to a shared journey into deep presence that allows for a true healing to arise.

Through loving presence, pressure, touch and fluid body resonance, you will receive a transmission of embodied intelligence that will support you to “Live Pain Free”.



My approach is to make you feel physically and mentally nourished, finding strength through softness. I design my work in a way that allows you to cultivate a deeper sense of wellbeing. I weave together many different styles from different lineages and create a unique offering adapted to your specific needs.  Whether you are a beginner, have a specific condition or injury working together 1 to 1 will help you to identify your goals and receive support in bringing you back to balance and harmony.

I offer a free 30 minutes consultation for those interested in regular sessions to discuss how I can best assist you in your exciting journey of transformation. If you would like to move forward together in this way click the link below and get in touch for more enquiries or to arrange a booking.



A deeply relaxing and soothing energy healing method that uses light touch to restore the subtle and energetic bodies. The energy of Reiki aids in soothing the nervous system and will always go where it is most needed to rejuvenate you on a cellular level.

Reiki is the energy of love in its highest form directly from the source. It is the path of deeper connection, awareness, harmony and transmitting it in its pure form is an honour. It can aid in personal transformation, clearing your chakras and energy field, reducing anxiety, chronic stress and other physical imbalances. It’s a beautiful addition to one's general wellbeing.